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Archived 24 March at the Wayback Machine. Much as he hated Bolshevism, Bunin never endorsed the idea of foreign intervention in Russia. In his view on Russia and its history Bunin for a while had much in common with A. It is necessary that there should be centers of absolute independence in the world.

In the summer of while staying with writer A. Bunin and Zamyatin had correctly understood that the Soviet experiment was destined to self destruct. Chubarovs, according to Bunin, “knew very little about themselves except that their ancestors were landowners in KostromskayaMoskovskayaOrlovskya and Tambovskaya Guberniyas “. Saying our farewells, a German guard shook my hand firmly”. These stories assumed a more abstract and metaphysical tone which has been identified with his need to find refuge from the “nightmarish reality” of Nazi occupation.

Vera Muromtseva-Bunina’s Three years memorial. One great admirer of Bunin’s verse was Vladimir Nabokovwho even if making scornful remarks about Bunin’s prose compared him to Blok. A Diary of RevolutionIvan R. If I had been born earlier, my literary memoirs would have been different. Even Blok’s Kulikovo Field for me, an outstanding piece irritated him as too lavishly adorned He is regarded as a master of the short story, described by scholar Oleg Mikhaylov as an “archaist innovator” who, while remaining true to the literary tradition of the 19th century, made huge leaps in terms of artistic expression and purity of style.


On 28 Marchafter short stints in Sofia and BelgradeBunin and Muromtseva arrived in Paris, [8] from then on dividing their time between apartments at 1, rue Jacques Offenbach in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and rented villas in or near Grasse in the Alpes Maritimes.

The following other wikis use this file: Books and Writers kirjasto. Archived 27 September at the Wayback Machine. As my father taught me: This Swedish photograph is in the public domain in Sweden because one of the following applies: This was the only way for us to bear the unbearable, to overcome hunger, cold and fear. The situation was complicated by the fact that Leonid Zurov, who stayed with the Bunins as a guest for many years, was secretly in love with Vera of which her husband was aware ; this made it more of a “love quadrilateral” than a mere triangle.

In January he moved to Oryol to work on the local Orlovsky Vestnik newspaper, first as an editorial assistant and later as de facto editor; this enabled him to publish his short stories, poems and reviews in the paper’s literary section.

Der Herr aus San Francisco : Iwan Bunin :

Bunin was greatly interested in international myths and folklore, as well as the Russian folkloric tradition. On 2 MayBunin left in his diary a note that proved to be his last one.

Apparently aware of his own negativism, Bunin wrote: Inspeaking to his Communist counterparts in Paris, Bunin praised the Supreme Soviet’s decision to return Soviet citizenship to Russian exiles in France, nunin stopping short of saying “yes” to the continuous urging from the Soviet side for him to return. In emigration Bunin continued his experiments with extremely concise, ultra-ionized prose, taking Chekhov and Tolstoy’s ideas on expressive economy to the last extreme.


Pusheshnikov, of how insignificant he felt as a writer and how depressed he was for being unable to do more than be horrified at the millions of deaths being caused by the War. He wrote in his autobiography:. Vozdushnyye puti, 472—99 p. Ivan Bunin’s debut book of poetry Poems. Nowhere else can such eloquent laconism can be found, such definitive and exquisite writing, such freedom of expression and really magnificent demonstration of [mind] over matter.

Dogged by anxieties concerning Russia’s future, Bunin was still working hard.

Cursed Days is one of the very few anti-Bolshevik diaries to be preserved from the time of the Russian Revolution and civil war. In Bunin began working on what would later become a celebrated cycle of nostalgic stories with a strong erotic undercurrent and a Proustian ring.

File:Ivan Bunin 1933.jpg

The boy, of whom his father saw very little, died on 16 Januaryfrom a combination of scarlet fevermeasles and heart complications. Bunin’s first love was Varvara Paschenko, his classmate in Yelets, daughter of a doctor and an actress, [12] whom he fell for in and then went on to work with in Oryol in Retrieved from ” https: But he treated things that he felt were not masqueradery differently.

The work is non-artistic journalistic, etc. The incident caused disbelief and outrage in France. April — April